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November 12, 2013

atheismWhat arguments are put forward by atheists to disprove the existence of God?

FEURBACH man made God

only the natural exists – not the supernatural

humans feel helpless so invent God to comfort themselves

people emptied of their own good qualities – their goodness is ascribed to God

‘What man wishes to be, he makes his god.’

FREUD The Future of an Illusion – wish fulfilment

helpless humans want protection in an alien world, justice in an unjust society

defence against earthquake, disease, death, storm

mysterious powers of nature are transformed into a god so that they can be placated

Totem and Taboo – guilt and obligation to obey

fathers dominated in primitive societies

primal crime was patricide

sons rebel against fathers – but incest taboo so cannot marry mother so need restraint

Religious belief stops healing as gives wrong answers so is detrimental to human welfare

DURKHEIM – sociological.

society subordinates individuals to exercise control over individuals’ thoughts and behaviour

Aborigine tribe like one organism – tabus and customs were sovreign cf. war and national spirit

support through life crises

humans need group

religion from ligare to bind together

society stands over against individual pressures – transformed into God by human tendency to create mental images so humans created God


science can do without a God.

Tie in with religious language work and with arguments against the PROOFS

What weaknesses do these arguments have?


how do we get conscience? – ALL humans to be cared for, not  just own community

how do we get moral prophet/innovator/pioneer?

how do we get people who oppose status quo e.g. Trevor Huddleston against apartheid, Camillo Torres revolutionary Latin American – God AGAINST society

FREUD – anthropologists mainly reject explanation of everything back to primitive societies determinism and atomism are only theories psychological crutch explains POPULAR religion, not all religion can say that this is how God prints himself as father on the human mind Freud based his theories on his notions, which he applied to what people said, rather than simply listening with an open mind. Used their dream, slips of the tongue.

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