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Future of Black Theology

May 25, 2013

CONE believes it lies with international linking up with liberation theologies

Because racism linked to imperialism and economic exploitation – global issues needing solidarity

Without such links, blacks becoming isolated – their youth not religious and whites often secularised so black church in even more of a ghetto.

Different in Africa where message of blacks is regarded as mainstream and where religion more valued

Africans also in dialogue with native religions.

They see African culture as one of the sources of revelation prior to the gospel.  Black theologians largely cut off from this in their cultural theology.

Liberation theology mainly Roman Catholic and gets more from Marxist philosophy whereas black theology mainly Protestant and biblical

TUTU suggests that Black theology is more angry and political than African theology.

African theologians can learn from this sense of urgency.

Latin Americans now suggesting that learning from black theologian is more important than listening to white theologians.

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