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A Book of Silence – S. Maitland

May 8, 2013

ABOSWhen I knew Sarah, she couldn’t stop talking. What a change. A thorough exploration of life as a virtual hermit living in the remote countryside with all its scary bits and its blessings.

Good bits:

Anger is a response to a silence not freely chosen –Silence as inhibition is not an inner silence Sara Maitland

 Thoreau argued that we should not calculate our wealth by how much we had or owned but by how much free time we have. How much free time is left over when your needs have been met is the best measure of your wealth. Thus means, of course, that the less you need the richer you are. Sara Maitland

 A text hallowed by Jewish tradition is: And Aaron was silent’ Leviticus 10:3

poor little talkative Christianity EM. Forster

Truth in any serious sense Like Orthodoxy, is a reticence WH. Auden

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